Fetch Shopping Carts
is a member of the
SMP Info Tech Family

Fetch Shopping Carts Product Features
Fetch Shopping Carts Include the Following Features:

•  Seamless synchronization of data between your online store & QuickBooks*
•  Shopping Carts Easy to use Wizard that help you build your store
•  Full reconciliation of online sales (with a QuickBooks Merchant Services account)
•  Instant site preview to review your shopping cart
•  Certified eBay® listing & Froogle™ indexing tools
•  Multiple shipping options including real-time processing with UPS® and USPS®
•  Shopping Cart Order & Inventory management
•  Shopping Cart has Shipping & Tax calculators
•  Shopper registration & login
•  Shopping Cart Product promotion options
•  Advanced product search
•  Customer and Merchant order notification email
•  Comprehensive Sales, Order & Tax reports
•  24/7 Phone Support
•  Bill and Ship to customers in U.S. Territories and Canadian Provinces
•  Does not support shipping/billing to other International Countries
•  Pricing structure is free from 'monthly fee + percentage of transaction fee.'
   You simply pay the fee listed next to the plan you selected.

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